We have less then two weeks to go to sign up for our 24-Hour Playwriting Competition! [Registration deadline is 3 Sept 2017!]

We know that not everyone has a lot of time to write. So, to help you flex your writing muscles, here are some quick and effective prompts and writing exercises to inspire your creativity and get you ready for the Competition!

Exercise #1

Write a monologue, with the opening line: “My favourite pair of pyjamas is a neon green colour”.

Exercise #2

Write a short dialogue between two people. With the first line of the conversation beginning with:“I found it hidden under the bed”.

Exercise #3

Hairspray. How important are they?

Switch on your laptop or pick up your pen, and write about hairspray for 10 minutes.

Exercise #4

When writing stories and plays, we write about people whose lives may be nothing like our own. Give yourself a new perspective by writing a story from the perspective of your favourite animal.

Exercise #5

Describe the days of the week as if they were people.

Exercise #6

Write a short story using this opening line:

“He was excited to see 100 new emails in his Inbox”



The 24-Hour Playwriting Competition is an annual Competition organised in partnership with the South East Community Development Council. It is part of the Writing & Community programme, a holistic, unique programme that serves the community through harnessing individual talents and creatives.

To register, please download our registration form here.