The 2017 edition of the Writing From The Heart Playwriting Workshop has come to an end! We would like to thank everyone who signed up for the workshop, and we hope the skills you pick up would be fulfilling in your future writings.

The weeklong workshop comprises of a series of interactive hands-on exercises. From emotional truth exercises to chakra points, participants were taken on a soul-searching journey to discover their inner self and creativity while exploring the basics of playwriting. It may have been emotionally and creatively intensive, but it is definitely worth it!

While the workshop may be over, participants can look forward to mentoring sessions with Tony in the coming months, further developing and refining their scripts.

Read on to see more pictures from the workshop and find out what participants had to say about the workshop!


Throughout the workshop, Tony imparts many interesting and creative tools to aid participants in their writing. Here, he taught participants to use mahjong tiles to help visualize their set (P.S., he recommends every playwright to have a mahjong set!)
What can you tell about a person from the items in his/her bags? It’s all part of characterization exercise.
Shhhh… discussions are ongoing…
What does your chakra points say about you? How can you utilise them in your play?

“Prior to this I carried a certain fear whenever I was faced with the task of getting down writing. But now I feel more open to the process, which really makes it easier to start.”

– Eve Voigtlander

“Tony made us feel confident that our personal truths were worth writing and putting on stage, which is often a huge barrier preventing many writers from even taking the first step.”

– Danial Matin

“I was presented with a fresh, new perspective on writing that is way better than a technical approach of form/structure/style.”

– Yvonne Mak

“[The workshop’s] less about the play you want to work on than who you are, why are you writing this, and what emotional experiences have you got that can anchor your story. He helps you find a psychic space in which your story can germinate.”

– Helmi Yusof

Once again, thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s workshop! Your comments mean a lot to us.

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(Spoiler alert – its about spending 24-Hours with us! 😉 )