On Saturday, we came to the end of our Performance Tour of Mixed. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came down for the show and for your support through this project!

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This heartfelt play, explores the difficulties that interracial individuals and relationships face. Other than shedding light on the obstacles of interracial dating, the play was about loss, love, falling and getting back up.

From our shows, we were also able to gather varying perspectives of audiences on the subject matter presented in the play. Many expressed their favour towards the content of the play, the actors, the setting and the play as an entirety.

“I felt as if it was a fresh and new perspective that tore apart this cultural identity that we constantly try to portrayed in Singapore“. – Pannya Vikram Rajput

“I feel that interracial marriage is one that is beautiful, and definitely not wrong as love is to do with people’s health, not others’ expectations. I feel that this play teaches people that there is so much more to interracial marriage then just two races joining together”. -J. Aanaanthi


“The message of love and the topic of mixed parentage really struck a chord with me”. – Liang Chay Jiang Marcus

“I am married to someone who is different (race) from me. It’s a great insight of how our future kids might feel”. – Rachel Heng


“Moving performance by Sherilyn & Grace & Koon Hui & Snehal! Plus skilful/deft handling of a challenging stage/space by Shou Chen. Successfully brought out nuance of this piece”. – Zee

“Beautiful depiction of love, in both subtle and abstract ways”. –  Pok Wei Heng

“I enjoyed the spirit the parents shared (characters: Cassandra & Lee)”. – Anjali Sambtani

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From moments of racial discrimination to disownment, this heartfelt piece explores the challenges of interracial marriage in Singapore. It follows the story of Anika and her family as they navigate the difficulties of being a mixed family.

“I have always thought ‘mixed’ girls or boys were more popular and had an easy life with racist remarks, but I guess I was really wrong. I feel that it is definitely easier now than about 10 or 15 years ago”. – Durga Devi

“I like that the play sheds light on this and makes us wonder WHY inter-racial marriages are that big a deal when they really don’t need to be”.- Shu Lin

TheatreWorks’ Engagement programmes hopes to encourage audiences to appreciate theatre and use theatre as a forum to raise and discuss taboo yet critical issues facing the community today. Race has always been a part of Singapore’s history, and remains a key part of a person’s identity from the day they are born through their entire lives. We hope that everyone who watched the show left with more than when they came in – regardless of if its knowledge, questions, or thoughts about race.

Thank you everyone for your participation in making Mixed a success, and for your supportive enthusiasm! We do hope to see you at our other events soon!


TheatreWorks will continue its to spot talent from the community and continue to develop and nurture playwrights. Keep a look out for information on our next Writing & Community programme – the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition! (Info soon to be released!). In the meantime, check out our main blog for updates on our next productions!”