Shou Chen shares his thoughts on the directing Mixed. From the beginning, reading the script till the final show!

“I really wanted to investigate the sweet in the bitter and the bitter in the sweet in the play”.

– Tan Shou Chen, Director

The process of staging Mixed began sometime at the end of October 2016. Raemae (Kok) was one of the winners of the Theatreworks 24 Hour Playwriting competition and her play was chosen for the Performance Tour! Part of the Writing and Community program by Theatreworks. It culminated in a performance touring the South East District from 23 Feb to 11 March 2017.

We began first with a series of writing workshops, just Raemae and I, in November 2017. Just to get the draft from the written in 24 hours version to one ready for a 40-minute staging. I started by asking Raemae to fill out the biographies…..

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