Joel first did his degree in Psychology at NTU, but he could not stay away from the stage! So he went to do Musical Theatre at LASALLE College of the Arts, living fulfilling his passion – of singing, dancing and acting. Found out more Joel and his process working on Mixed.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Yes! I use essential oils to wake up my senses and center my body before a performance.

Do you feel you can relate to the plot or the characters in any way? What does working on Mixed mean to you? 

Like Nina, I too was bullied when I was young by my classmates for being different and not fitting in. People tend to overlook the fact that words do actually cut and hurt people. Working on Mixed made me realized that I have to be more careful with my words and intentions when speaking.

Tell us something about the character you’re playing? (Without giving away too much!) 

Mr Lim is a teacher and he pretty much represents the typical Chinese majority In Singapore. Come watch the show to find out what happens to him!

Are there any challenges that you face while trying to portray your character? 

Because it has been quite some time since I last stepped into a Primary or Secondary school, it took me awhile to remind myself how school was like and to discover the reality of being a teacher nowadays.

Describe the play a few words. 

Sex, drugs, and alcohol! Hahha… Just kidding!

The play is about Love and Hope and Overcoming Obstacles.

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