We had a chat with one of our actress, Sherilyn over the weekend during our last day of rehearsal!

Sherilyn has been involved in a number of performances, this is her first time working with TheatreWorks. As someone whose mixed herself, Sherilyn shares with us what this piece means to her.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am a ‘mixed breed’.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Taking a moment to be in the performance space before the show.

Do you feel you can relate to the plot or the characters in any way? What does working on Mixed mean to you? 

Definitely. Being a mixed myself, I definitely had moments similar to the character.

It’s an honour because Mixed tells a story of people of mixed heritage-their struggles/obstacles.

Tell us something about the character you’re playing? (Without giving away too much!)

She is of mixed parentage(of course), takes Literature seriously but hates Shakespeare.

Are there any challenges that you face while trying to portray your character?

Yes. My character seems to be more confrontational as a person and speaks more firmly when her heritage is put at a point of shame. Whereas, I am a person who is more tolerable or have a higher threshold before I actually voice out. And when questioned on my heritage, I would just reply as is or brush off any unnecessary comments.

Describe the play in a few words. 

Mixed. Love. Struggles. Pain.

Catch Sherilyn as Anika in Mixed by registering for your tickets at: Mixed2017.eventbrite.sg