Taking a break during rehearsals, we sat down and spoke to Gabriele – one of the actors involved in the Performance Tour of Mixed.

Gabriele has his hand in many parts – acting, directing, and writing. Aside from that he also teaches drama and studies astrology! Find out more about Gabriele and his character in this production!

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Gabriele Goh. Some of my friends call me Koon Hui. I’m a freelance theatre practitioner: I do a lot of teaching but I try to get myself involved in theatre projects. I graduated recently from the third cohort of young and W!LD. Currently, I’m working on a script as part of the NAC Mentor Access Project mentored by Jean Tay. I’m also part of the Centre 42 Boiler Room project as a writer in Project Understudy. I’ll also be involved in L’arietta’s Four Note Opera as a physical actor.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Drink coffee. Do yoga. Meditate. Of course, I’d also go through my lines and my blocking just to make sure I get things down pat.

Do you feel you can relate to the plot or the characters in any way? What does working on Mixed mean to you?

I relate a lot to the plot of the play. Mixed essentially gives a voice to a marginalised segment of society: people who are bullied because they don’t conform to societal norms. Even though I’m part of the Chinese majority of this country, I was frequently bullied as a child because I’m quite different from the rest of my peers. Being in Mixed, in some ways, allowed me to stand up for these underdogs as well as for myself – as that young boy who tries to fit in but cannot.

Tell us something about the character you’re playing? (Without giving away too much!)

I’m Lee, a straight Chinese Male teacher who falls in love with an Indian teacher. As a Physics teacher, I’m quite rational and logical. In a time when interracial coupling isn’t the norm, falling in love with a person from a different race is, I would say, a leap of passion on the part of my character.

Are there any challenges that you face while trying to portray your character?

As an actor in my late twenties, one of the challenges I face is convincingly portraying my character at different stages of his life, especially in his late 30s and 40s, since I haven’t lived that long yet.

Describe the play in a few words.

To love, despite.

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