What struggles do people from mixed ethnicity face?

Race has been a part of Singapore(ans) identity. Chinese, Malay, Indian, Others. What about people who are half / half? Or a quarter of a particular identity? BuzzFeed did a video where people who are mixed share with us their thoughts and feelings.

“I find that depending on where I am, people read me differently”. 

“The tend to think that I’m whatever they are. People who are hispanic, think I’m hispanic. People who are asian, think i look asian”. 

“An interesting part of my journey as a young multi-racial person growing up, was rejection from both sides of my ethnic identity, i dont fit in, i dont belong to an ethnic grow 100%”. 

TheatreWorks upcoming Performance Tour,  Mixed follows the journey of Anika Lee and her life – growing up Chindian in Singapore.  Mixed scrutinises the racial divide in Singapore. It’s a play about loss, it’s about love – it’s about falling. And it’s about getting back up.

Join us in catching this heart felt piece as we explore a key part of our identity.

Free Admission, 45mins. There will be a post-show discussion after each performance.

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