TheatreWorks new engagement programme Grey Matters, was featured in Berita Harian.

Grey Matters is targetted at students and aims to equip and prep them to better be able to manage stress in their lives, whether this stress comes from themselves, schools, the need to constantly do well or from their friends and family.


Focus on your successes, not on your failures: Mr Ali Anwar says that he is unlike the character he plays in this production of Grey Matters by TheatreWorks. The character Iman is more chilled and isn’t worried about failure, while Ali would put stress on himself. He’s learnt that you can’t be too hard on yourself for the smaller failures, as there are many other successes that can be celebrated.

Many people would remember the character Iman, if you watch the performance of Grey Matters. This secondary 3 student is outspoken and doesn’t worry about his failures.
Ali is unlike the character that he plays, as he shares that he is the first person that would stress himself out. According to 26 year old Ali, he is more calm when faced with pressure now compared to when he was in school.
“I always feel the pressure that I place on myself. I feel that I’m not good enough and won’t do as well as I can” shares Ali. He shares that being involved in this production has helped open his eyes to the issue of mental health. He realised that stress is part and parcel of daily life and that each individual has a different way of coping with stress.
“For me, I love watching Bollywood films!”. On a more serious note, Ali adds that the realisation and understanding of the issue is very important. Furthermore, the stigma attached to mental health ought to be erased. Following the comparison that when we have the flu, we visit the doctor, someone who has a problem or is feeling overwhelmed in school can visit the counsellor to seek professional help.
“We have to realise that facing stress is something we all go through. We can visit the doctor when we have the flu and  there’s no stigma associated, which should be the same as when we visit the counsellor to seek advice. It’s not anything thats shameful or that we should be worried about.